About Resmarr

Here at Resmarr we combine our passion for SME’s with an understanding of how you work.
At the start of 2018 there were 5.6 million small businesses. Compared with the previous year, the private sector business population fell by 0.5%, a trend Resmarr is keen to reverse.


Experience highlights a correlation between growing your customer base and growing your business.
Using sophisticated software Resmarr targets the key areas to increasing customers and facilitating space for your business to grow.


Resmarr provides a platform for SME’s to succeed, converting one-off purchases into repeat business and solidifying themselves as market leaders.

Understanding Your Customers –

In a world where SMEs are surrounded by competitors, Resmarr enables your business to get ahead of the competition but providing insights into what the customer truly wants. Use information customers provide to establish your position as a market leader.

Improving Customer Service –

The phrase ‘The Customer is King’ cannot be understated. Today the customer has more power than ever before. Resmarr provides access to a smart review management system that converts customer power to build your online presence and more importantly, quickly identify and rectify issues.

Establishing Loyalty –

A returning customer provides the opportunity for your business to increase its profits, but more importantly it’s a sign you’re doing something right as a business. Establish a base of customers that are continuously aware of the best offers your business is providing.


"It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Resmarr to manage our on-line reviews. We had no particular system in place before Resmarr. It was helpful to learn about the benefits of generating positive online reviews. The online training system for the staff was also useful. They have been able to build a customised solution to meet our specific needs, allowing us to effectively manage our online reputation across three locations."

Dr Koye Ogunro, Orthodontic Clinic

"Resmarr delivered an amazing service! I don't know what magic they performed, but we were inundated with business enquiriies after they worked our citations. We literally had to turn business down as we could not cope. I highly recommend their service."

Tonbra Nwosu, CEO and Founder, Anaiah Grace Events

"Resmarr offers a simple but absolutely fantastic solution for our online review management. We had no clue what to do or how to go about managing our online reviews until Resmarr came along. What makes them so incredibly great is their impeccable customer service. They are true problem solvers! I find their service invaluable, they are an awesome and caring partner and an extension of our team. Working with them makes our jobs easier.

With 4 locations and growing, Resmarr will be definitely be an integral business partner moving forward and a great asset to our team!"

Karen May, Executive Director, Abilities Development